Pull Ups

The following program is meant to take you from zero strict pull ups to your first unassisted strict


If you already have pull ups this will serve as an excellent program to bump up the number of

strict reps you can achieve while strengthening your connective tissue for the kip.

Speaking of which we want our ladies with at least 3 strict reps in perfect hollow position and

guys with 5 before we allow for kipping pull ups in a WOD. This is for your safety and longevity

in the sport. Put in the work and the reward will be very fulfilling.

Pull Up

(*all of these are to be completed in a hollow body position)

Step 1:

Find a box that allows you to get your chin over the bar at the top of a pull up, step off the box

and hold this position (top of your pull up, elbows pulling down towards sides, shoulder blades

retracted, hollow body) for 3 full seconds, descend all the way to the bottom in a controlled

manner working on keeping your arms externally rotated (elbows pulling down towards sides,

shoulder blades retracted, thumbs twisting into the bar, hollow body)

You can start with 2 sets of 2 reps with at least 60 seconds of rest (2:00 is preferable) in

between sets.

It is very important that you make sure that you are being honest about the time you are holding

and how controlled your descent is. This means use a clock.

Do this 3x per week, with at least a day of rest in between and add an additional set every week

or two depending on how confident you are in your completion of the reps. = All reps are

controlled and hollow.

This means if you started at 2 sets of 2 reps by the end of week 10 you should be up to 10 sets

of 2 reps. = 60 sec hold over the bar

Step 2: after reaching 10x2 of step 1 then...

10 second hold chin over the bar ~ 3x1 = 30 sec ~ add 1 every 1-2 weeks working towards 6x1

= 90 sec


2 sec hold all way up/2 sec hold halfway down/2 sec hold retracted shoulder blades at bottom ~

3x3= 36 sec ~ add 1 every 1-2 weeks working towards 6x3 = 108 sec

At least 1:00 rest between all sets

*same rules from Step 1 apply ~ position and confidence

Step 3: after reaching the max sets/reps/time from step 2 then...

2 sec hold over the bar then eccentric descent going as slow as you can ~ go until descent is no

longer controlled throughout the movement ~ 3 sets working towards 6 sets adding 1 set every

1-2 weeks ~ use a clock to keep track of decent time ~ aim to keep this time equal throughout

the reps


3x10 pulling 45# plate to chest, bent over row elbows in tight to the body

At least 1:00 between all sets

*same rules from Step 1 apply ~ position and confidence

Step 4: after reaching the max sets/reps in step 4 then…

Jumping pull-ups from from as low as you are capable. Jump to the bar pull up in a hollow

position until chin is over the bar come down and do again

Start with 4x4 ~ 2 weeks later add a set and a rep so 5x5


Pendlay rows, 3x5 of 45 ~ each week add a rep to each set so 4x5, 5x5, up to 6x5 then add

weight to the row and start back at 3x5

Rest at least 1:00 between sets

*same rules from Step 1 apply ~ position and confidence

Step 5: after reaching max sets and reps from step 4 then...

Transition to banded pull ups and jumping pull ups from beyond standing reach

3x5 light band using chinups when necessary


3x3 jumping pull up from floor to bar descend halfway down then pull back up using chin ups

when necessary to complete reps


4x4 55# Pendlay rows

add a set up to 5 sets every 2 weeks

*same rules from Step 1 apply ~ position and confidence

Remember to grab one of the coaches to ensure you are doing the exercises correctly and let

us know when you're ready to move onto the next step and we can make sure you are good to


Also we would love to see your first pull ups or your Pull Up rep PRs so let us know when you

feel ready so we can get it on film!