Austin Kemink ~ Owner


I was born in South Dakota and raised in Minnesota. In 2007, I graduated from the University of North Dakota with degrees in Commercial Aviation and Aviation Management, then moved West for the mountains and climate and never looked back. I spent the first year of my career in Anchorage, Alaska as a flight instructor for the University of Alaska Anchorage. Later that year I met my wife, Eileen.

We moved to Seattle in the summer of 2008 for a corporate pilot position. This was also when my passion for fitness and coaching started to take root. When I wasn’t flying, I spent my free time gaining my National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer certification and earned my first personal trainer job at the downtown Seattle 24 Hour Fitness.

Eileen and I married in 2010 and moved to Tacoma that fall so that we could be closer to our workplaces. I quickly secured a position with the Tacoma Center YMCA as a personal trainer and group coach. It was during this time that I discovered CrossFit and fell in love with the sport of Weightlifting, which then led to me studying for and obtaining my USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach accreditation.

After about seven years of flying, I realized that aviation wasn't for me and that my heart was truly in the world of fitness and coaching others. I followed this calling and started crafting the business plan for Town, while at the same time working towards procuring the one profession that encompassed all of my passions in one: FireFighting. In August of 2014 I was fortunate enough to earn a position with the Port of Seattle Fire Department. As of October 2015, I followed my other dream of opening a full-featured Strength and Conditioning gym alongside my friends and brothers, Adam and Mike.

My 1,000+ hours as a flight instructor have been invaluable to my coaching career. In the end, coaching and training others boils down to being a proficient teacher. Teaching is an understanding of how to break down complex ideas - or in our case, movements - into manageable pieces. It is also knowing when to push and when to support students or athletes. Whether this is your first time in the gym or you are a seasoned veteran, each of you are athletes once you step foot in Town.

I value technical prowess above all else, because it's not about how much weight you can move but how well you can move it and your body in space. This is what will keep you healthy, both in the gym and in your everyday lives.

Welcome to the Town family. I look forward to helping you reach your potential.

Stay Rooted,



OPEX CCP Level Associate Coach

USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach

Catalyst Athletics Level 1 Weightlifting Coach

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Judges Course

National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer

National and WA State Registered EMT

Michael Long ~ Owner


I was born and raised in the South Sound area of Washington, so this place has always been close to my heart. Growing up, my parents made sure I was always active through sports and the Boy Scouts. This prepared me for the physical demands of the military when I attended the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, and became a commissioned officer in the United States Army. During my tenure as a Soldier, I served in both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. While serving in the Army, I developed a distinct understanding of and appreciation for the need for peak physical fitness in order to meet the heavy physical demands of deployment. By the same token, I realized the advantages that physical fitness brings to everyday life.

I returned home to Washington in 2012 after leaving active service. With respect to my fitness, I was just doing the normal bodybuilding routines that most everyone who works out has inevitably performed. My workouts were monotonous and repetitive. I was losing the motivation to keep myself at the high level of fitness I had achieved during my time in the Army.

Simultaneously, my best friend was making positive changes to his lifestyle to exercise more, eat healthier, and lose weight, and he wanted my help to keep him accountable and motivated. We had both heard of CrossFit and decided it would be a good change of pace to break the tedious repetition and routine of typical weightlifting workouts. We signed up at a local gym, took a class, and I’ve been hooked ever since. CrossFit constantly varies workouts so that you never get bored, and fosters a community of support and camaraderie. I quickly developed dreams of becoming a coach and opening my own gym to inspire the fitness and confidence I achieved through CrossFit. I am beyond thankful that, with my friends and partners, Austin and Adam, those dreams are now a reality.

During my time in the Army training and leading Soldiers, I developed the skills needed to coach and instruct a wide range of individuals, including teaching how to break down multi-layered tasks and tailoring my instructions to suit the individual I am working with. I can assess an individual's strengths and weaknesses and, through coaching, turn those weaknesses into strengths, motivating others to reach their full potential. I can help put you on a program to become healthy and fit, inside and outside of the gym.

Welcome to Town. Let's get Rooted in Strength together.

Stay Rooted,



CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

USA Weightlifting Sports Performance

Coach Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified

CrossFit Judges Course

Army Master Fitness Trainer Phase 1

CPR Adult, Child, & Infant with AED Certification

Adam Benson ~ Owner


I was born and raised in Missoula, Montana. I graduated from Carroll College in 2009 and moved to the Seattle area in 2010. I purchased a house in Tacoma and am now proud to call this city my home.

I played a myriad of sports growing up including football, wrestling, basketball, golf, skiing, and pretty much anything that involved physical activity or competition. I always liked to push the limits, which culminated in a tear to my ACL my junior year of high school. This was a major blow to my psyche as I was told I wouldn’t play football my senior year. I have come to realize over the years that it was this event that changed my physical fitness path forever. I made a decision to stay positive, focused, and to work hard. Sure enough, six months later I was starting two-a-days on the football field.

I don’t share this story to prove how hard I can work, but rather to give an example of what can happen when you make a decision and stick to it.

I learned so much in those six months rehabilitating my knee. I started to understand the limits of my body, and how far I could push it with my mind. I grew to understand the importance of self care, the power of mobility, and the necessity of recovery. It was through this hard work and dedication that I was able to earn a golf scholarship at Carroll College. Through the college programming, I honed in my work ethic and learned more about workout regimens.

I am extremely lucky to be surrounded by such talented and quality people as Austin and Mike. They have helped mold my love and desire in not only my personal fitness, but in helping athletes reach their goals as well.

At Town Athletics, I plan on combining my strengths to help others reach their full potential through sound technique, work ethic, and the mental gymnastics that are required to push athletes through the challenges that accompany their pursuit of fitness. Fitness is defined as “Increasing work capacity through broad time and modal domains.” (CrossFit Inc. Foundations Handbook) At Town, we will not only strive to improve your fitness and quality of life, but also your mind - confidence, self belief, and determination.

“The most rewarding part of life is the ability to instill courage in others and help them overcome their trials.”

- Shamus McCarthy.

At Town, we will plant the seed. Now let us help you grow.

Stay Rooted,



CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

National and WA State Registered EMT

Kristi Cooper ~ Coach


I am a Tacoman, born and raised. I have always had a deep love and admiration for this town and have enjoyed seeing it grow into the city it is today. I met my husband, Peter of 11 years here and have raised both of my children here. 

Growing up, I played almost every sport I could convince my parents to let me be a part of, although soccer was my favorite. I didn’t find my love of weightlifting until I was in my late twenties and was already a mother of two. 

Before I found Town Athletics, I was self-taught, working out alone. When I heard that a  CrossFit gym was opening close to my home, I decided to check it out. I needed more direction and a community that shared my interests in fitness and weightlifting.

I was one of the founding members of Town Athletics, showing up with no idea of what CrossFit was, eager to learn. I saw how passionate the owners were and I knew I needed to be a part of their vision, in whatever way I could. My own passions grew as I learned everything I could about the sport of CrossFit (and I’m still learning!).

I realized that my passions included teaching others all of the amazing knowledge the coaches at Town Athletics had shared with me. 
I want others to find what I’ve found: Health, an amazing community, and a passion for Olympic lifting and CrossFit.

Stay rooted, 



CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach

Jake Ayers ~ Coach


Originally from just across the bridge in Gig Harbor, I am very familiar with the area and love all that the Northwest has to offer. Growing up, I played every sport I could and was always involved in some sort of athletic endeavor. Once high school came around, I focused my attention on my first (two) loves: football and baseball, which I competed in at Gig Harbor High School. After high school, I went down to Southern California to the University of Redlands for two years and then transferred to and graduated from Washington State University. While at WSU, and with limited opportunities to express my love for competition and athletics, I found my true passion for fitness. In October of 2015 I studied for and obtained my Personal Training and Fitness Nutrition Specialization through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and became a member of the WSU CrossFit Club in January of 2016, and my love for the fitness methodology has grown ever since.

After graduating from Washington State in December of 2016, I accepted a Sales position with Gallo Wine Company in Palm Desert, California, where I stayed for a year, until moving back to Washington State. I knew in my mind that I wanted to be in the fitness/ wellness industry but was not sure how to go about doing so. I knew my passion was for helping others, and I wanted to be able to do so through a methodology that I believed brought strength to people not only in the gym, but also in every aspect of their lives.

I obtained my CrossFit Level 1 in February of 2018 and have been coaching ever since. Shortly after obtaining my Level 1, I received an offer to intern with the University of Wyoming Sports Performance Department, learning and working with the Intercollegiate Athletics programs in Strength and Conditioning. Following the completion of that internship, I moved to Durham, North Carolina to become an Olympic Sports (Strength and Conditioning) Coaching Assistant at Duke University. I had the privilege of working with nearly every team outside of Basketball and Football while at Duke, learning from some of the best strength and conditioning, sports medicine, and athletic training staff in the country. 

My experiences have been broad in nature, and have led me to places I never could have dreamed of. But my passion for helping others develop themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally through fitness is something that has never wavered. 

I am excited to work with you and help you achieve your goals, help you find a love for fitness, and be a bright spot in your day.


Stay Rooted,




CrossFit Level 1

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

NASM: Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Joe Ceccarelli ~ Coach


The Pacific Northwest has been my home for most of my life, the Greater Tacoma Area my stomping grounds. I was introduced to several sports as a kid, but ultimately settled into football and wrestling in high school (a severe concussion derailed a budding competitive wakeboarding career in 9th grade). My uncle was a competitive power lifter during that time so naturally I started in to the Big 3 (bench, squat, deadlift) and volume training early. I graduated from Curtis HS in 2005 and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in early 2009. I served in Operation Enduring Freedom, married my wife, Amy, and had both our children during my time in the Marines.

I ran in to CrossFit and functional fitness while in the military after being nagged by a group of buddies to try it. CrossFit had been a thing for a while, but I was stuck in my ways, doing all I could remember from my younger days. Eventually I caved and will never forget how hot the humbling SoCal sun was that first day as I did a million power cleans and burpees. I went back the next day. And the next. I was hooked. Upon discovering this world-wide community that had helped so many people overcome great obstacles, I knew I wanted to be a bigger part of it somehow. I attended my L-1 seminar in San Diego in 2015.

In 2017, I left active duty to pursue a career in fitness. I immediately began a degree program in Kinesiology as a full-time student while coaching CrossFit nearby. I am now attending PLU (go Lutes!), where I am currently a senior and expecting to graduate in May 2020. In my free time you can find me with my family on a mountain or lake, cheering for Seattle sports teams, or tinkering with my fantasy football team.

I am excited to be a part of this strong community that has been built with the members’ interests in the forefront. My whole life has revolved around service to others in some form, and I am excited to continue that at Town. I believe that a strong community, paired with intelligent programming, (and excellent coaching) has the power to change people’s lives in ways previously unimaginable.

Stay Rooted, 

Joe Ceccarelli


CrossFit Level 2

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Judges Course

USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach

NASM Certified Personal Trainer