-Simply put this means we believe in continuing to invest in you, our community.-

We started a gym, with the belief in 3 things:

  1. A friendly gym community where people greet each other by name, newcomers always feel welcome, and people miss you if you stop coming.

  2. Thoughtful programming. Programming Rooted in education. Programming that allows you to achieve a well-rounded physique making the rest of your life easier. Whether that’s hiking, playing with your kids, or shaking your fist as you tell the neighborhood kids to get off your lawn.

  3. A non-judgemental environment where people compete with themselves to push their mental and physical limits. In doing so becoming better versions of themselves every day.

Did we succeed? We think our members say it best, so we’ll let them speak for themselves.

You can find out more about the Town team here.

It’s important to us to provide the best experience possible for our members. We think we’ve achieved that with...


The Best Location in Tacoma

We’re on 6th Ave in Central Tacoma (right next to Valhalla Coffee). We’re the only CrossFit gym north of I5 and Highway 16—but people drive all the way from Federal Way just to train with us.

Oh, and we’ve got a parking lot + tons of free street parking!


Keyless Access

Simply put we wanted to offer our members as much flexibility to fit a workout into their schedules as possible. Out of this desire was born the keyless entry.




We design our workouts so you can get in and out in about an hour and make your physical health a part of your everyday routine. But sometimes you need to sneak working out in between life’s less important activities: working, parenting, courting lovers, etc.

We wouldn’t want you to ruin a date by showing up sweaty, so we’ve invested in showers for our members. This is something most CrossFit gyms lack—we’re setting the new standard for CrossFit “boxes!”

Recovery Suite

You can recover post-workout like a professional in our one of a kind Recovery Suite. For a small premium you will have access to industry leading recovery implements from Normatec (compression therapy), Theragun (percussion therapy), and JNH Lifestyles (infrared sauna).

The Best Equipment in the Country

We offer something no other gym in the region does: enough equipment for the entire class. We also have dedicated weightlifting platforms, so you get a true CrossFit and weightlifting workout. Every time you show up to train, you’ll be able to do the workout exactly as prescribed.

And the equipment we work out with is from the two best manufacturers in the country and region: Eleiko and PR Lifting. With our high-quality equipment, you’ll notice zero difference in performance from day 1 to day 10,001.


What do you get when a nationally registered EMT, a firefighter, and an Army officer start a gym? Cleanliness, for one (more on that below). But also: a passion for safety.

Visiting CrossFit and weightlifting gyms around the country, we noticed that many lacked an essential piece of safety equipment: an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). In the unlikely event of a cardiac emergency, seconds truly matter—and so does having an AED. That’s why we invested in one.

Not only are we serious about your health, but we care about your safety.



We have some bad news: mop-and-bucket cleaning is great for pushing dirt around. Not so much for actually getting rid of it.

Cleanliness is next to godliness, and working out on dirt is gross, so we got a commercial grade floor scrubber. Mosey on over to Town around 8pm every day, and you’ll see one of us power blasting the floor until it’s clean as the driven snow.

You can rest up on our floors after a hard WOD knowing the floor’s clean, and your sweat angel will soon be whisked away.

Your Ideas

Got some suggestions? Put them in this box! When our members make suggestions that will enhance everyone’s experience, we implement them ASAP. This has led to some simple but excellent improvements.


Fresh Apples and Bananas (Free!)

We practice what we preach, and we preach proper nutrition. Whatever your fitness goals, eating fresh, healthy food is essential. We want to help you make that as easy as possible, so we provide free apples and bananas every single day. Boom:

“I don't know where they get their apples, but they are GOOD. Did I mention they are free. I've stopped buying apples simply because I know no matter what I do or where I look I will never ever find a better tasting Apple. GO TO TOWN ATHLETICS!!!!”

-Alex Thomson, member

Free Hair Ties

Forgot the hair tie for your ponytail or man bun? We’ve got you covered with a bucket of free hair ties. You’re here to work out. Throw your hair up and get at it!




Did your mom ever tell you to dress for the job you want? Well, we want to be your coaches, and we want you to 1) easily be able to tell who the coaches are, and 2) know that we take our jobs seriously. We treat our coaching positions as professions, and we hope our uniforms convey that.