One of the benefits of a gym like ours is that you are not just another number; you are an athlete that will receive personal attention and coaching in every workout you attend. We can offer this because we limit the number of members that can frequent each class. This is a large departure from most of the fitness industry. The "globo-gyms" lure you in the door with cheap pricing, put your credit card on an automatic debit plan, and cross their fingers hard that you never show up again. They do this because they are not concerned about you; they are concerned about your money. If everyone they signed up with their $20, $30, or $40 a month special actually came back to their facility, it would look like Walmart on Black Friday. We actually want you to come back and we want to work with you in every session you attend. Meanwhile, you will attain your fitness goals much faster and with less likelihood of injury or burnout, because at Town, you are receiving one-on-one instruction - including thoughtful, progressive programming - at a fraction of the price it would cost you to hire a personal trainer.

If you are ready to make a commitment to health and well-being, invest in yourself and let us prove to you why we are worth it.


Unlimited  CrossFit

This includes personalized coaching,daily group programming, and access to the gym during all business hours, including specialty courses.


*We ask for a 3 month commitment as our experience has shown members who have a dedicated involvement in this time frame see the best results.


No Sweat Intro

The No Sweat Intro is an opportunity to sit down with with us and map out your health and wellness journey, without breaking a sweat…click here to learn more.

Open Gym

This includes access to the gym during all business hours that are not scheduled for CrossFit or Weightlifting classes.


*This is limited to specific times of the day which can be found on our schedule.

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