Q: Is CrossFit really for everyone?

A: The short answer: Absolutely! The long answer: Click here.

Q: But I’m not in shape. Are you sure it’s for me?

A: Refer to the above!

Q: How do I get started?

A: Click Here

Q: Can I bring my children?

A: Yes, we have a Kid’s Corner! There are a few caveats. Due to our limited space and the risks associated with the gym environment, we require that your child stay in the Kid’s Corner throughout your time with us. 

*Also, please note that we do not currently have a child care attendant on staff, so you will be responsible for your child.

Q: Can I bring my pets?

A: Sorry, but due to the liability and the size of our space, we cannot accommodate any animals at Town. There is a covered entryway that leads to a glass door in the back of the building where you are free to leave your pet tied up.

Q: Do you have parking?

A:  Yes! Even though we are located on busy 6th Avenue, we have a parking lot behind our building. There is also free street parking out front.

Q: Do you allow drop-ins? What is the price?

A: Yes, but please remember that our members are our first priority. We ask that you contact us at least a week in advance so that we can determine your level of experience and suggest a class time that would work best.

~Price: $25

Q: Are you open Sundays?

A: Yes, we offer Open Gym access to members via a keyless entry system. In fact this same system also offers extended hours to our members so that they can workout when the time suits them.

Q: What are the keyless entry hours?

A: Anytime there is not a class being held during the following times:

M-F: 0530-1945

Saturday: 0800-1600

Sunday: 0800-1200