Let’s talk about how to get the most out of your experience with Town. 

You’ve probably never seen a list of expectations from your gym before, but then again, your old gym has most likely wanted you to stay home so they could collect your monthly dues or keep your “challenge” buy-in. 

Well, that’s not us. Just see our article on our home page, “Why Rooted In Strength.” We want you to show up. But we need some things from you, too. 

1.) Take Responsibility. 

The members who have the most success with us take some ownership of their fitness journey. While we are eager and willing to coach and help you learn, we cannot be your personal trainer while in a group class environment. Coaching is different than Personal Training, and that’s a good thing. 

To coach means to lead you in the right direction, touch base with you periodically throughout each class, and give you guidance so you can continue to self- improve. Personal Training is one-on-one training for the entirety of your visit, which just doesn’t work in a class setting because it denies your classmates the opportunity to fully benefit from our services. 

If you require personal training, we do offer individual Personal Training sessions! When in the group class setting, however, we ask that you take responsibility for your journey. Make mental notes, make physical notes, and go home and review what you learned. We promise you that this will improve your experience with us. We are not a “fitness challenge” facility; we are a lifestyle and habit-altering community. 


2.) Speak Up. 


Muscle fatigue and “feeling sore” is part of pushing your fitness beyond its current state. Pain is not. We do our best to keep track of all of our members’ limitations, but we aren’t perfect. If something hurts from a previous injury or something new develops at Town, please let us know! We will scale the movement for you or provide an alternative to help assist you in your recovery. But remember, ultimately you are in control of your time with us. 

3.) Be Nice. 

We are #rootedincommunity. We expect you to introduce yourself to new members, encourage each other during class, and be courteous and mindful of gym etiquette. We have invested heavily in our gym equipment  to make sure there is enough for everyone, but sometimes workouts require some shuffling around. When this happens, please be mindful of your surroundings and where your classmates are stationed. 

The workouts are intense and it is OK if you get fired up while pushing yourself! Just remember that we are all in this together and that this is a shared space.  

The community is what will keep you coming back, so make the most of it. 

4.) Take care of your gym.

First and foremost, wipe your equipment down after use and put it away! 

Second, treat the equipment with respect. We are not a national conglomerate; we are a locally-owned business. We simply do not have the excess funds to replace abused equipment. Everything in our gym can last a lifetime if used in the manner it was intended. If you have questions on how to use it, just ask! 

Finally, clean up after yourself. We (owners and staff) clean the gym every day, top to bottom, so that we can provide you with an environment you want to keep coming back to. But we’re not your maids. Please help us out.